Beginners Surf Lessons , Alicante(Groups 11-15 people)2h.


In these kind of surf lessons we introduce the most important surfing fundamentals that every surfer needs to know. This course is specially indicated for beginners or inexperienced people who want to learn how to surf. Our classes will help you to:

  • Understand the sea, its waves, tides and shoals.
  • Take the appropriate secutity measures.
  • Surfboard positioning techniques.
  • Paddling and “duck diving” skills.
  • “Take off” and “Bottom turn” manoeuvres.
  • Get to know the perfect time to reach the wave peak.
  • How to surf your first waves.
  • Groups of 3 members at least.

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Course duration: 2 hours.

Groups: Exclusive price for groups of 11-15 people.

Price per person: € 25.

Location: Alicante.

Hours: 10: 00h. – 14:00 h. | 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **