Beginners Surf Lessons Group Pass​, Alicante (12h)


With our Initiation to Group Surfing Pass, you have 6 beginners surf lessons in a group of 2 hours, which you can exchange individually or share with whoever you want.

Our initiation courses focus on teaching those fundamental aspects that every new surfer should know. If you want to learn to practice this sport or you are a beginner, this is the best option. Our Initiation Surf Courses are taught by expert wave monitors and trained by FESURF.

Directed and designed for small groups of a maximum of 6 students per instructor in order to promote quality teaching.

Our classes will help you:

  • Understand the sea, its waves, tides and shoals.
  • Take the appropriate security measures.
  • Surfboard positioning techniques.
  • Paddling and “duck diving” skills.
  • “Take off” and “Bottom turn” maneuvres.
  • Get to know the perfect time to reach the wave peak.
  • How to surf your first waves.
  • Groups of 3 members at least.
  • Insurance R.C. and accidents included.
  • The flexibility of this pass allows you to share it with anyone you want, until you exhaust the 6 available courses, since it is not nominative.

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Course duration: 6 lessons (12 hours).
Price per person: 180€.
Location: Alicante.
Hours: 10: 00h. – 14:00 h. | 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **