Full Moon Sup Outing (Groups 6-10 people)


Outing: It consists on a little journey near the shore, where we will take a bath and enjoy the amazing view of the full moon over the sea.

Dinner: Once we have finished the outing, we will go to the beach to change our clothes in the beach amenities. After that, you will be able to enjoy a great and magic dinner near the shore. A little kind of dinner composed of soft food and soft drinks. LEVEL: INITIATION.

  • Material (neoprene suit, boards, oars, etc.)
  • Brief initiation SUP class
  • Expert guide
  • Suitable for children
  • Social responsibility insurance
  • Commemorative photo

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** This is a product for groups, so you must buy at least 16 units of product **

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Course duration: 2:00 hours.

Price per person: € 22

Location: Alicante.

Hours: 21:00h-23:00h

** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **