Sunset Sup Tandem, Alicante (2 people)


The outing will start at La Calita Street “Cala Cabo”.

We will go around the edge of the cape observing, from our SUP boards, the amazing seabed, characterized by its large Posidonia meadows. From time to time we will stop on the way to take a bath in the crystal clear waters, enjoying the marine fauna of the area. Halfway through, we will make a stop at some of the most beautiful bays in the area.
To end the excursion, we will enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset in Alicante from our SUP boards.
What a great ending!

  • Material (neoprene suit, 1 sup board, oars, etc.)
  • Suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult + a boy/girl with a maximum total weight of 160kg.
  • Brief initiation SUP class
  • Expert guide
  • Suitable for children
  • Social responsibility insurance
  • Commemorative photo

(For more information see the product description below).

**Remember that by choosing this option you will do the excursion on a single board, so it is not possible to exceed 160kg between the 2 participants*

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Course duration: 1:30 hours.

Price per couple: € 55

Location: Alicante.

Hours: 17:00h-21:00h

** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **