Isla Mágica Sup Outing, Alicante (Groups 6 people onwards).


We will start at white beach. From there we will go to visit the small bay «Virgen de la pared». Next, we will take a bath at the waterfall cove and, after that, we will paddle over the pristine waters while we enjoy the stunning rock cliffs. Straightaway, we will go into the rock passage with our SUP boards. To conclude, we will visit the «magic island» o «isla mágica». LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE.

  • Material (neoprene suit, boards, oars, etc.)
  • Brief initiation SUP class
  • Expert guide
  • Suitable for children
  • Social responsibility insurance
  • Commemorative photo

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** This is a product for groups, so you must buy at least 6 units of product **

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Course duration: 3:00 hours.

Price per person: € 55

Location: Alicante.

Hours: 10: 00h. – 15:00 p.m.

** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **