Private SUP Outing «Cabo Huertas» Alicante


A private experience with attention to detail, led by an exclusive expert monitor who will guide you through the most beautiful coves in the province.

Undoubtedly, our most special option, so you can enjoy your private experience in the Mediterranean Sea.

Departure from «Cala Cabo» or «Playa Almadraba» (Alicante) towards El Faro del Cabo de las Huertas, we will skirt the Cape and observe from our boards its seabed full of life thanks to its huge meadows of Posidonia. From time to time we will make stops in its coves to take a bath and dive in its crystalline waters observing the marine fauna of the area.

And to finish we will row back in a relaxed way to the wonderful Cala Cabo, to end the outing lying on our sup boards sunbathing.
What better ending!

  • Equipment (wetsuit, boards, carbon oars, etc.)
  • Initiation class to paddlesurf.
  • Expert guide with great experience.
  • Suitable for children.
  • Social responsibility insurance
  • Commemorative photo

(For more information consult the product description that you will find below).


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Course duration : 1:30 hours
Price per person: 80€
Location: Alicante.
Hours: 10:00 -14:00h / 17:00-21:00h
** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **