Private Sup Outing «Paraiso»


A private experience carefully arranged. In this outing our expert instructor will guide you through the most beautiful caves in the province. Without a doubt, our most special option, so that you can enjoy your private experience in the Mediterranean Sea.

We will start from one of the most impressive and magical coves of Jávea.

As soon as we start we will see the island that covers its turquoise waters, we will go to the «Cave of the Sea Wolf» where we will enter and enjoy a bath in its crystal clear waters. Then we will row towards the jewel in the crown, one of the most secret coves in Jávea, and we will discover from the hand of our guide the magical secret that it hides inside, whenever conditions allow it.

This spectacular cove is located between cliffs, formed by a bottom of white pebbles that give its water one of the most special and beautiful turquoise tones on this coast.

  • Material (neoprene suit, boards, oars, etc.)
  • Brief initiation SUP class
  • Expert guide
  • Suitable for children
  • Snack (soft drinks)
  • Social responsibility insurance
  • Commemorative photo and edited video

(For more information, see the product description below).

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Lesson duration: 3:00 hours.
Price per person: € 120
Location: Javea
Hours: 10: 00-14: 00h / 17: 00-21: 00h
** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **