Private SUP Surfing Lesson, Alicante (2h.)


Have you ever tried to surf with your paddle? We will teach you this kind of sport, which combines the best of both: surf and sup. Don’t let this scare you away, as it’s easier than surfing. A completely different way to enjoy the sea. These lessons include:

  • Equipment explanation.
  • Security measures.
  • The best way to break through the breackwater.
  • «Take off» techniques.
  • How to surf your first waves.
  • Analysis and video correction.
  • Insurance R.C. and accidents included.

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Course duration: 2 hours.

Price per person: € 80.

Location: Alicante.

Hours: 10: 00h. – 14:00 h. | 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

** Subject to weather conditions and availability. **